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ASO marketing

Finding the app in the store sometimes is very difficult due to poor or incorrect description of the chosen by publisher keywords.

It often happens that the app icon does not display the essence of the product or simply do not attract the user. These reasons are easy to remove by compelling the right description, choose a name, icon and app store keywords for the application, as well as preparing some video about the app. It is important to use the respectable service to do that. Only professional help in this area will lead to proper visibility and loads of traffic. You can optimize the app’s attributes at any period of its existence, but it is reasonable to do it before its release.

The key ingredient missing from many ASO marketing delivery approaches is organic search optimization and integration of app store keyword optimization within the broader marketing mix.

There is more overlap with ASO and SEO than there is direct competition between the two.

Your website should be seen as the driving force behind leading people throughout the information seeking and buying funnel from your main online entity (your website) through to an engaged, ready to buy/download audience.

See results as they appear on the device and discover:

  •  related phrases
  •  phrase popularity and competetiveness
  • estimated app downloads (±10x)
  • your competitor iTunes keywords

Some of our users asked us why we don't suggest keywords automatically. We believe that choosing proper search phrases requires creativity and common sense that no machine will ever posses. That's why the focus of AppCodes is to deliver you tools that will help you with the job, and the training to do the job properly. The Search Investigator is the best tool for this.

Other data points, including retention rate, star rating, ratings/reviews volume, and app stability are also factors, but their impact is less considered to be a primary influence than download volume and conversion rate.

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The first feature means that you should choose keywords that are relevant to your app and specific or characteristic for your niche instead of general and popular ones. Ask yourself how likely someone who searches for this keyword would download your app. If the answer is ‘very’, go for it.

With the introduction of app store more and more people are now downloading apps. The sudden increase in mobile applications used by most businesses today, created a scenario, where every organization wants to draw potential customers by their applications.

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